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Senior Instructions 2024

Senior Instructions 2024

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Graduation Schedule

Monday, March 25    Class meeting in the cafeteria     8:30 AM
March 29 – April 5    Spring Break    
Tuesday, April 9    Silver Plus Luncheon    
April 15 - 17    Senior LEAP Testing    
Thursday, April 18    College/Military Shirt Day 
(Seniors and Staff only)    
Friday, April 19    Regular school day
Senior Exams 6th & 7th      
Monday, April 22    Regular school day
Senior Exams 4th & 5th     
Tuesday, April 23    Regular school day
Senior Exams 1st & 2nd     
Wednesday, April 24    Seniors report to school at 9:25 am
Senior Exams 3rd  -  LAST DAY 
Makeup Exams (1st & 2nd hour )    

Wednesday, April 24    Senior Picnic (after 3rd hour exam)
The cost is $15.  The last day to purchase a ticket is Friday, April 19.    10:30 – 1 PM
Thursday, April 25    Academic Awards Night (seniors only)     6:00 PM
Monday, April 29
     Graduation Practice at SLU (Mandatory)
(Wear school-appropriate attire to practice.)

*If you miss practice you will not be allowed to walk at graduation.

*Bring a bag lunch or sign-up to receive a bag lunch from the cafeteria. The bus will return to Salmen at 1:00 pm.    10:00 -12:00
*Bus leaves at       8:30 AM
Tuesday, April 30  
         Graduates arrive no later than 6:00pm to Southeastern Louisiana University
Doors open for graduates at 6:00 PM
Doors open for guests at 6:15    6:00 PM
No transportation is provided by the school.

1.    Chromebooks and chargers must be returned before or on the last day of exams.  All debts and fees must be cleared before graduation day (part of the senior checkout process).  If you owe for textbooks, chromebooks, or other fees you will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.  

2.    Senior Exemption guidelines are posted on page 43 in the Pupil Progression Plan.

    If a Senior with an “A average” in a course and 5 or fewer unexcused absences in the course for a semester, then exempt from the semester exam.
    If a Senior with a “B average” in a course and 3 or fewer unexcused absences in the course for a semester, then exempt from the semester exam.
    Senior Semester Exam Exemptions will not apply in dual-enrolled courses.

3.    CHECK THE SPELLING OF YOUR NAME FOR YOUR DIPLOMA. We use the Birth Certificate on file for spelling. ONCE YOUR NAME IS ON THE DIPLOMA, IT CANNOT BE CHANGED. Check the list with Senior English teachers for accuracy by April 12.

4.    All seniors must have a cap, gown, gold stole (given at practice), and tassel. The cap, gown, tassel, and stole are yours to keep. (No decorations allowed on the cap or gown)

5.    Students must attend graduation practice in school-appropriate clothing.  

If you do not attend graduation practice, you will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.  You may pick up your diploma from school on Wednesday after graduation.

6.    All students must arrive at Southeastern La. University by 5:55 pm and must be in their assigned area in alphabetical order by 6:05 pm. Do not be late!!! Every student will be checked to ensure that all instructions have been followed.

7.    For those students interested in having their photograph taken as they receive their diplomas, Barberito Photographers will be taking pictures.  Family and guests are not allowed to enter the stage area or the faculty seating areas. Photos may only be taken from their seats.

8.    Honor cords (3.0 and up) will be given at graduation practice.  

9.    Hang gowns or iron so that wrinkles fall.   Gowns should be worn at mid-calf. Gowns longer than this length should be hemmed.

10.    Caps are worn parallel to the floor. Write your name on the inside of the cap. There will be no additional decorations to the cap, gown, or tassel.

11.    Tassels are worn to the left side of the cap. When Mrs. Jacobs announces “Graduates of Salmen High School you may now move your tassels from the left to right” do so as a class.

12.     No gum chewing or eating of any kind will be allowed.

13.    Have pictures taken of yourself in your cap and gown with your family before you report to your homeroom-assigned area or after the ceremony is complete. Family members are not allowed in the line-up area.

14.    You will not be able to carry anything into graduation (no purses, cell phones, water, sunglasses, or other items.) Nothing!!!!! Do not ask!!!  Leave these items with your family members.

15.    Gentlemen:  a white dress shirt with a full regular collar, dark tie, dark dress shoes (athletic shoes/tennis or sandals of any kind are not acceptable), dark pants/slacks (not jeans), and dark socks. No jewelry other than watches, class rings, and small stud earrings if applicable.

16.    Ladies: dresses or skirts that do not hang below the gown and dark shoes (no white or light-colored shoes, athletic shoes or flip flops of any kind are unacceptable), no jewelry other than small stud earrings, watches, and class rings. If you plan to wear high heels, bring them to graduation practice to practice walking in them.

17.     You will be shaking hands with Mrs. Jacobs and several central office dignitaries (shake hands with your right hand and receive your diploma with your left).

18.     St. Tammany Channel 13 will be on hand to videotape the ceremony. It will air several times over the summer (check the programming schedule). 

19.    Graduation is a serious ceremony. You and your parents have worked toward this moment for 13 years, do not do anything that will embarrass yourself, your family, or Salmen High School. Any student who misrepresents Salmen High will not receive their diploma after the ceremony and will need to make an appointment with Mrs. Jacobs in the days following graduation. (May 1 – May 3).

20.     Please do not disappoint anyone on your last evening. Anyone not adhering to the prescribed dress attire or anyone suspected of using alcoholic beverages or drugs will be removed and not allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

21.     Parents and guests of graduates should save balloon bouquets or large signs for after the graduation ceremony so they do not block the view of other guests. 

22.     Your original health card and final report card will be placed in the envelope with your diploma. The diploma cover you receive on stage will be empty. 

23.     If there is a problem with items in the envelope, come to the main office on Wednesday morning following graduation.



1.    Take I-12 to Hammond
2.    Stay on I-12 until the Interstate 55 Junction
3.    Turn onto Interstate 55 North
4.    Take EXIT #32 – University Drive/Wardline Road (Southeastern LA University)
5.    Make a right turn at the light at the exit ramp
6.    Go approximately 1.9 miles on University Drive
7.    You will go through one traffic light (US 51N)
8.    Make a left at the next traffic light (University Center will be on left)
9.    Parking will be available around the center


Name _______________________   Date ____________

I have read and will comply with all of the graduation instructions presented to me during the senior class graduation meeting on Tuesday, March 26.SENIORINSTRUCTIONS2024.