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Dear Parents,

I look forward to working with you to ensure that your teen is provided an excellent education. Parental attention and interest is an important factor in reaching that goal.

I would ask your help with the following:

First, information will be coming home when school opens. Please review this material and return the forms that require signatures. One of the most important documents is the emergency card. It is very important that we have accurate telephone numbers, and if possible, a good email address. Email has become the preferred method of communication between home and teachers. We are all pressed for time and getting someone on the telephone is not always easy, but with email, the message can be picked up later and a telephone conversation or meeting easily arranged. Often, small problems can be easily corrected with a short message or conversation, but if not addressed in a timely manner, a small problem can result in a bigger issue.

Second, make sure that your student has a regular time and place to study and work on assignments. Our students do have homework on most nights. Usually homework consists of work to reinforce the dayís lesson or a reading assignment to prepare the student for the next dayís lesson. Occasionally they may be working on research projects or papers. If you do not see your student doing work, please contact the teacher (best method email) or contact your studentís counselor.

Third, try to make sure that your teen gets up early enough to have a nutritious breakfast. Stamina is important to learning and students need the energy that breakfast provides in order to concentrate in their afternoon classes.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact teachers, counselors, or administrators and we will do our best to help you. We all want our students to be successful and it is essential that we work closely for the benefit of our students.

The PTSA actively supports our school and community. Please take an interest in our school by participating in booster organizations, which include Band Boosters, Baseball Boosters, Cheer Boosters, Football Boosters, JROTC Boosters and the Salmen High PTSA. Many events and activities are supported by adult booster groups. Your job may prevent you from being here regularly, but there is need for chaperones for specific events, and everyone can support our school by joining these groups. Salmen High School cannot be the community that we want it to be without your participation. Parents make the difference when they are active at school events! Thank you for your help and support.

Brennan McCurley
Principal, Salmen High School