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Salmen High School
300 Spartan Drive
Slidell, LA 70458
Phone (985) 643-7359
Fax (985) 645-8776
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Salmen Varsity/Junior Varsity Baseball Schedule
Head Coach: Brian Babin Asst. Coaches: Zack Koster, Eric Nolting, Ricky Suprean

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DateOpponentSiteVarsity/Junior VarsityTime
Feb 11HigginsMike MileyVarsity4:00pm
Feb 12Pope John Paul IIPope John Paul II High SchoolVarsity4:00pm
Feb 20Slidell (Jamboree)Lakeshore High SchoolVarsity10:30am
Feb 23FontainebleauSalmen High SchoolVarsity3:30pm
Feb 24Fontainebleau JVSalmen High SchoolJunior Varsity5:30pm
Feb 25SlidellSalmen High SchoolVarsity3:30pm
Feb 26Pope John Paul IISalmen High SchoolVarsity3:30pm
Feb 27John EhretSalmen High SchoolVarsity10:00am
Feb 27NorthshoreSalmen High SchoolVarsity3:30pm
Feb 29Northshore JVSalmen High SchoolJunior Varsity6:00pm
Mar 1NorthshoreSalmen High SchoolVarsity3:30pm
Mar 2HannanCoquille ParkJunior Varsity6:00pm
Mar 3FountainebleauFountainebleau High SchoolVarsity6:30pm
Mar 4St. Paul'sSt. Paul's High School6:30pm
Mar 5John EhretPearl RiverVarsity10:00am
Mar 5SlidellLakeshore High SchoolVarsity 3:00pm
Mar 7Pope John Paul II JVPope John Paul II High SchoolJunior Varsity10:00am
Mar 8Covington JVCovington High SchoolJunior Varsity4:00pm
Mar 8CovingtonCovington High SchoolVarsity6:30pm
Mar 10Pearl River Central JVPearl River Central High SchoolJunior Varsity4:30pm
Mar 10Pearl River CentralPearl River Central High SchoolVarsity6:30pm
Mar 12Mandeville FreshmenSlidell High SchoolSalmen Freshmen1:15pm
Mar 12Slidell FreshmenSlidell High SchoolSalmen Freshmen3:30pm
Mar 14Pearl River JVSalmen High SchoolJunior Varsity4:00pm
Mar 16Pearl River JVPearl River High SchoolJunior Varsity5:30pm
Mar 17MandevilleMandeville High SchoolVarsity6:30pm
Mar 18BonnabelMandeville High SchoolVarsity11:00am
Mar 19ChalmetteCovington High SchoolJVarsity5:30pm
Mar 19CovingtonCovington High SchoolVarsity4:00pm
Mar 21Hannan JVSalmen High SchoolVarsity4:00pm
Mar 22Pope John Paul IISalmen High SchoolVarsity4:00pm
Mar 23WalkerSalmen High SchoolVarsity4:00pm
Mar 23Pearl River FreshmenPearl River High SchoolSalmen Freshmen5:30pm
Mar 28Hammond FreshmenAthletic ParkSalmen Freshmen1:15pm
Mar 28Ponchatoula FreshmenAthletic ParkSalmen Freshmen3:30pm
Mar 29Loranger JVLoranger High SchoolJunior Varsity4:00pm
Mar 29LorangerLoranger High SchoolVarsity4:00pm
Mar 31Loranger JVSalmen High SchoolJunior Varsity2:00pm
Mar 31LorangerSalmen High SchoolVarsity4:00pm
April 2Southern LabSouthern LabVarsity12:00pm
April 2Southern Lab JVSouthern LabJunior Varsity12:00pm
April 4Pearl River JVSalmen High SchoolJunior Varsity4:00pm
April 5Pearl RiverSalmen High SchoolVarsity4:00pm
April 6Chalmette FreshmenChalmette High SchoolSalmen Freshmen5:00pm
April 7Pearl River FreshmenSalmen High SchoolSalmen Freshmen4:00pm
April 8Pearl River JVPearl River High SchoolJunior Varsity4:00pm
April 8Pearl RiverPearl River High SchoolVarsity6:30pm
April 9Slidell FreshmenMandeville High SchoolSalmen Freshmen1:150pm
April 9Mandeville FreshmenMandeville High SchoolSalmen Freshmen1:150pm
April 11Higgins JVSalmen High SchoolJunior Varsity4:00pm
April 12Franklinton JVFanklinton High SchoolJunior Varsity4:00pm
April 14FranklintonSalmen High SchoolVarsity4:00pm
April 16Lake Area New TechSalmen High SchoolVarsity10:00am
April 16Slidell FreshmenFountanebleau High SchoolSalmen Freshmen1:15pm
April 16Fountainebleau FreshmenFountanebleau High SchoolSalmen Freshmen3:30pm
April 18Lakeshore JVSalmen High SchoolJunior Varsity4:00pm
April 19LakeshoreLakeshore High SchoolVarsity4:00
April 20Lakeshore JVLakeshore High SchoolJunior Varsity4:00
April 21LakeshoreSalmen High SchoolVarsity4:00
April 23TBASalmen High SchoolVarsity11:00am
April 26TBA PlayoffsSalmen High SchoolVaristyTBA